Credit Card Policy

The term "credit/debit card holder" as used in these terms and conditions is defined as the person or entity in whose name the credit/debit card was issued by the bank or financial institution that appears on the credit/debit card. When you complete an online purchase from Kickfootwear using a credit/debit card for payment, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

You are the credit/debit card holder, and you are authorized to use your credit/debit card for the online purchase.

Should you have a problem with your purchase, you will contact Kickfootwear to allow us to resolve the problem before contacting either the financial institution that issued the credit/debit card or the credit/debit card company itself.

To threaten a chargeback to alter purchase price after an order is placed is extortion; it is a criminal offence. Fraudulent use of credit/debit cards will be investigated and reported to the police forces, your local bank, our billing and / or merchant service and any other applicable authorities. We will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

We perform information verifications for every credit/debit card purchase. Orders that contain an unverified address and /or any other unverified information will require us to contact the actual owner of the credit/debit card by phone. These phone numbers may be obtained from sources other than the order itself.

An unauthorized credit/debit card charge back after an order has been placed is known as friendly fraud or chargeback abuse, even if you are the owner of the card, it is theft and still fraud. We will dispute the chargeback with all the information regarding transaction we would have at our disposal and, as required, file a report with the applicable authorities and the credit/debit card company.

We accept only the credit/debit cards mentioned on the product ordering screens as the payment options for your purchase. All prices are in British Pound (£) (GBP) and stated on your invoice in British Pound unless otherwise noted. All credit/debit card charges will be settled in British Pound at the time of purchase, and in case your account is in different currency you will be charged according to the exchange rate of your financial institution at the time of the purchase. Kickfootwear reserves the right to change the prices of our products or services sold on our web sites at any time.

Further, you agree and acknowledge that you shall be solely responsible for and shall bear (and/or immediately reimburse) Kickfootwear for any chargeback fees issued to Kickfootwear by or from any credit/debit card company, merchant service or other source of payment that is initiated at your or the credit/debit card holders request.

Stated another way, should you the credit/debit card holder request a refund or chargeback from any credit/debit card company, merchant service or other source of payment on the purchase of Kickfootwear services and should said card company, merchant or other source thereafter impose any fee or amount to Kickfootwear because of this request or as a result, you the credit/debit card holder shall reimburse Kickfootwear for the refund amount plus the said chargeback fee or amount plus any of our losses and / or expenses.

By purchasing any services from Kickfootwear, you the credit/debit card holder expressly authorize Kickfootwear  to direct a payment/charge to be made to the credit/debit card account (the same being the credit/debit card account used in the initial purchase of said products and / or services) or in the amount of the said refund and chargeback fee (or amount charged to Kickfootwear for such refund) plus our losses and expenses spoken of herein.

Our Secure Payment

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