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Trend Report: Cowboy Boots Are Back

Trend Report: Cowboy Boots Are Back

Saddle up, ladies, because Western-style cowboy boots are the ultimate footwear trend for this coming autumn! Just when you think an item has gone too far out of style, it comes full circle to make an unexpected return. It’s the same story that brought shoulder pads and high-cut swimwear back into the fold over the last few years and really, we should have seen it coming.

Women’s cowboy boots were all over the catwalk at Milan fashion week earlier this year, which means they should hit the peak of their popularity just in time for the colder months. They’re the perfect fit for a cozy, comfortable yet bang on-trend look this autumn and winter.

The idea of slipping on a pair of cowboy boots may seem as foreign as the Wild West to many of you, but thankfully, designers aren’t asking you to dress up in full rodeo regalia - in fact, quite the opposite

Why are cowboys boots in style?

Cowboy boots have drifted in and out of fashion for years since their heyday on the high street in the 90’s. They’ve made more comebacks than Cher, and this spring, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein all had their models rocking Western-style boots earlier this year in trendy ways that felt fresh and wearable.

While trends come and go for all kinds of reasons, cowboy boots have become a sign of a true fashionista, a trend rebellion in the way of beaten up distressed leather, studded details, fringing and a bohemian attitude that is always in fashion. We’ve also seen some of our most loved pop princesses including Lady Gaga, Kesha, Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue all releasing albums with a distinctive and country and western vibe in the last eighteen months prompting designers to revive the trend.

How do I wear them?

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Whatever you do, avoid pairing them with a cowboy hat, double denim and leather fringe - unless you’re going to some kind of costume party. This might be the image that gets conjured up when someone suggests building an outfit around Western-style boots, but it’s definitely not what designers have in mind for this year.

Women’s cowboy boots have an earthy, bohemian appeal which is timeless. For this reason, they look great paired with a 70s-style clashing prints, slogan tees, vintage leather jackets teamed with mid length skirts and dresses. Their silhouette elongates your legs adding a feminine and effortless touch to any outfit.

We love that this trend is comfortable, versatile and for anyone on a budget - one pair of these boots will last you a lifetime, and not only that - they only get better with age! Dress up or down, for a night out, opt for a mini skirt and tucked in t-shirt in block colours for a truly fresh take on the trend.

If you’re more of a hesitant fashionista or versatility is important to you, shop the range of tan or black options, or for the bold our range of dulcet pastels and soft suede finishes will satisfy any retro cowboy craving for a look that is truly catwalk inspired.

Kick it like a cowboy

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Kick Footwear have a fantastic, diverse range of women’s cowboy boots ready for the autumn. Shop from up-to-date style in neutral black or tan, or stand out from the crowd with a pair in bright red, blue or white. All of our products are made from high quality materials.

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